My 2015 In Review

I found a lovely way to review the year, and to reach out for 2016. *Inspired by Aja Frost. Do check out her year in review and more here. *Here’s the link to the Career Site for Young People (TCGP). *And the one to Olounje, the Foodie & Nutrition Resource. Wishing You a Merry Christmas & A Prosperous 2016 …

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One path to self-discovery

You discover your purpose -and powers- in the midst of people. Join a club, a group, a large organization when you get the chance, volunteer at one if you have to because in a group people gravitate toward roles, and the one you move toward explains your natural inclinations, your talents, even skills, the stuff …

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To simplify. To be productive

I’m on a quest to simplify my life, treading the path to achieve higher productivity. I will cut away some or many nice things and reassign precious resources to the most important ones. So, I’m glad to say that five weeks ago I began working with Tim Challies’ How to Get Things Done series. These …

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Planning life

I get to this point where I need to re-evaluate things. Am I on track? Is my vision still sharp or is it blurry now? I’m checking out this life plan chart to take stock and re-map my life direction. Two things can result from this: I will discover new priorities and clarifications, and I will be assured …

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Wisdom, and others

In your quest for wisdom, in all your seeking and mining, do not despair when you discover only folly. It is the way of things, you will know wisdom when you recognize folly. While you suddenly become aware of this ill in others, you will move closer to true wisdom when you are the lesson, and …

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Free Wi-Fi

Familiar story: new fast-food biz wants to draw customers to its outlet, considers the most useful baits, launches a banner declaring FREE WI-FI—> an appeal to teenagers, young adults, young professionals. Seems like a good, easy marketing strategy a la Starbucks. To the new biz:  Some will come, the notorious freebie seekers. They will make …

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On failure

“Even if you fail at your ambitious thing, it’s very hard to fail completely.” Larry Page