Some people appear and fill the room. No noise, just quiet, tangible presence.

They become the centre, the definition of the collective mood, the room listens when they speak. The gravitas-person is mature, possesses a soul with depths of resources and control; is confident, authentic, exhibits wholeness of personality.

At work, gravitas is a core competence, the reason one is considered for manager. It is a predictable factor for success. No one wants a spindly personality at the head of the table.

The business may choose to lean precariously on a person tyrannical in some order of magnitude than suffer the weakling. Let God be for the enterprise, let gravitas announce the one.

Gravitas is necessary not just at work, but at home, in every relationship, for everything in life because it translates essentially to leadership — of self, and then others.

You will find plenty advice from career and life coaches but gravitas is not about what you do, it is who you are. It can’t be simulated. It is a state attained through sacrifice, self-denial, delayed gratification. It is quiet confidence.

It arises from a healthy self-identity. The type where you’re sure of who you are, you’re rooted, centred; your life has a certain direction, purpose; you’re happy with your life story.

You appreciate where you are now and are confident of where you’re headed. And it grows through the stories you tell about yourself to yourself, and to others; it feeds off the slant of the ongoing commentary in your head, voicing-over every thought you think, every deed you do. Then when you enter the room, it is obvious.

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