If you never played the videogame, look for it and play it. If you were a teen in the ’90s, see how you react when the images light up your screen again as you get ready to fight!

Today, I travelled back to ’93 when I first held the gamepad staring at the Streetfighter II screen in all the 16-bit glory of the Super NES — short for Nintendo Entertainment System (these flashy playboxes and xstations here now are nothing compared).

The soundtrack for each stage, the voice of the game master as he announced ‘USA!’ or ‘Japan!’ or ‘Thailand!’, the bounce of the colourful fighters as they readied for the fight, all just glorious.

My fighting skills have barely improved in 23 years. Ryu finally defeated Ken for me where Chun Li, Zangief, Dhalsim, and Sagat had failed embarrassingly, woefully. Ken had too much respect for him and let him through. I managed to get some hadokens and half-flight shoryukens across the screen but tapping out the combos is still complex to me.

Ryu pummeling Ken… Shoryuken!

Maybe I will take more time to study the moves closely, and master those wonder-combos that the game-whizzes among us displayed back then.

It feels good to play this game today, to relive that time of my life–the boy with uncoordinated gaming thumbs trying desperately to make the most of a little excitement in his otherwise boring world.

I will just stop short of directing you to any site hosting the arcade game. You can search online for ‘streetfighter 2’ if you feel up to it. Or you can just go shop for a Super NES for yourself.

Happy streetfighting.

P.S. Data rates will apply if you play online. Important: ensure your PC or device has the necessary antimalware.

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