Goals, Plans, Reviews

It’s great to set goals. You’re probably halfway there if you’re clear about what you want to achieve. It’s as crucial for your career or a personal project. But if you work full time, doing the work necessary to achieve your goals may be daunting.

Writing is Always Scary

No, that’s not true. I apologize. Not all writing is always scary. Writing a new bookish article for my blog is scary. Writing an essay is scary. Writing the chapters of a client’s book is scary. Writing for a critical audience, real or perceived, (what’s the difference?) is scary. There you have it. I’m not …

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I’m Writing a Memoir

I have always thought of writing a memoir, as far back as 10 years ago, I think. I made outlines in notebooks, even wrote out some sections, while awaiting the most favourable time and writing setup, probably some software to convert my handwriting to typed text, a grand study with a wide mahogany table and …

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To write, to edit

To write is human, to edit is divine. – Stephen King And there are some more divine than others.

Leaders are speakers

Readers are leaders. Readers are not leaders if they fail to communicate their insights to the world. This they can do through writing and speaking. The pages preserve and propagate what is written but the masses find it easier to heed the audible voice than the pen. Why? Speaking has the power of immediacy, the …

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It Begins

Lifeandluz…life and light. I have wanted a blog for two years almost. Yes, I actually created two, the first last year, then another, and I have the credit for at most one post on each. I finally found space to start again with a little more knowledge. I am taking on many challenges at the …

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