Start something new

To write, to read, to run, to code, to trade, to pray, to sleep, to eat. To do more, or to do less.

There’s no best day to start something new. Don’t wait until the first of the month or beginning of the year. Start. Never mind it’s the 13th or the 31st of May or November. Embrace the impetus.

Keep it cool. Remove yourself from the pressure or fanfare of any private or public launch. Begin, quietly, to act on your resolve.

And do it regularly. Regardless of the first outcomes, it is better to act than to dream.

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2 thoughts on “Start something new”

  1. Hi Wumio just found your blog. Your posts so simple, short and to the point. Your words resonate deeply with me. The post on caring, on perfectionism I can’t help but feel like you think deeply and intentionally about the work that you share here. Thank you. Looking forward to delving deeper and learning more from you.

  2. Hello Sihle,
    Good to hear from you. How are you? Thank you for your kind words, I just try to write as best as I can. As for learning, we all learn from one another. I’ve begun to learn from you as I’m now following your interesting blog. How’s China in this holiday season? My regards.