A Job Application

I wanted to share my responses to some screening questions to a recent job application. The questions are unlike those I’d ever had to deal with and I tried to match them with similar flair — a friend found my first response hilarious. I rewrote some of them three, four times before the final version.

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Writing is Always Scary

No, that’s not true. I apologize. Not all writing is always scary. Writing a new bookish article for my blog is scary. Writing an essay is scary. Writing the chapters of a client’s book is scary. Writing for a critical audience, real or perceived, (what’s the difference?) is scary. There you have it. I’m not

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I’m Writing a Memoir

I have always thought of writing a memoir, as far back as 10 years ago, I think. I made outlines in notebooks, even wrote out some sections, while awaiting the most favourable time and writing setup, probably some software to convert my handwriting to typed text, a grand study with a wide mahogany table and

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It Begins

Lifeandluz…life and light. I have wanted a blog for two years almost. Yes, I actually created two, the first last year, then another, and I have the credit for at most one post on each. I finally found space to start again with a little more knowledge. I am taking on many challenges at the

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