Everyone loves meetings, right? I have a low threshold for them, but maybe I can make things a little better by welcoming negative comments and/or allowing stupid questions.

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Idea #7: A Zoo of Replicas

Children love animals but where do our children see animals in all their glory? In Nigeria, most of them only see them in zoos shown on TV, and even the ones privileged to visit actual zoos get to see only a few of them. The challenges for would-be entrepreneurs are many: sourcing for animals and

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Idea #5: Clothes Exchange

Problem: Sometimes, people, especially women, have so many clothes piled up in wardrobes and yet complain they have no clothes. What they are saying is, they want new trendy clothes but for the constraints of cash. Solution: Set up a clothes shop where customers can exchange their pre-owned but good clothes for new clothes at

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Idea #1: Career Counseling Services for Workers

1. The Problem Where do regular workers (not business executives) go when they need help with career decisions, stress at work, health challenges affecting their careers, mental wellness, physical wellness? Yes, people talk to friends and relatives or religious leaders, read posts or books but do those resources or people provide specialist, structured support day

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