Between Ambition and Happiness

I once told a friend that becoming the CEO of MTN wasn’t my ambition. We were discussing the future, careers, money, comfort. I probably didn’t (and still don’t) fully understand the implication of that statement. I came across as an unambitious fellow content with his poverty while my mates, and juniors, plunged into work and …

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Doubt and Unbelief

It is hard to win an argument against faith, but it is easy to insinuate, to plant a seed of doubt, just a shadow to mix things up a tiny bit. Then its efficacy is soon gone, no effort required to persuade or compel you to refute your earlier claims. Doubt takes on a life …

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My Persons of 2018

I select My Persons of 2018 from the best emails I received this year. I learnt many good things about success, work, health, habits, business, and Christianity. Visit their websites and subscribe to the newsletters. Here they are: Sean D’Souza for his mega-abundant small business strategy and marketing insights + other goodies too via …

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It’s easy to get carried away, bogged down with work, an endless cycle of dullness given energy by the worker’s soul, while your real work suffers. It’s easy to find your satiation soon but temporarily, in that mild-to-tepid sort of way, rejoicing in solving daily issues for people and organisations, some merely trivialities worthy of …

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I always thought I cared about people. Then again, it’s easy to excuse myself: loving people (like me) busy with daily living might lack the necessary apparatus for expressing their care toward others. No matter, I plan to amend the situation somehow. Back then at the university, there was a guy ready always with a compliment for …

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Between wise and kind words

Wise sayings often fall on barren ground; but a kind word is never thrown away. -Arthur Helps, writer (10 Jul 1813-1875) Maybe it’s because kindness requires precious emotional energy; but preaching is often a performance.

Cheer like children

The two teachers struggled to quiet the four-, five-year-olds cheering and chanting the names of every child who matched into the classroom — “Desola-Desola-Desola! Henry-Henry-Henry! Emeka!-Emeka!-Emeka! Amina!-Amina!-Amina!” All of them seemed to be the stars in the class, not one child was singled out. Each child who was cheered joined the throng to welcome others …

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Some people appear and fill the room. No noise, just quiet, tangible presence. They become the center, the definition of the collective mood, the room listens when they speak. The gravitas-person is mature, possesses a soul with depths of resources and control; is confident, authentic, exhibits wholeness of personality. At work, gravitas is a core competence, …

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