Web Gems (May 26)

Today, I begin the Web Gems series where I highlight content I find interesting.

Nigeria’s military might: An interesting analysis based on other insightful indices such as available manpower, resources, finance, and geography. You can also read about other countries or even compare countries.

Encouragement for bloggers: Here are five reasons you should keep blogging even if the ‘likes’ or ‘follows’ don’t pile up. I am encouraged myself.

The new way to interrogate suspect: Caution: gory crime details ahead. This new method agrees  to the ‘wholesale shift from a “confrontational” model of interro­gation to an “investigative” one’. It appears more difficult but offers greater hope for establishing culpability and not conferring it. The days of violent or good cop-bad cop sessions may be done — in real life and movies.

An episode in the history of malaria control: Malaria was a major problem while constructing the Panama Canal between 1904-1914. “Malaria was so abundant that in Colon, it was estimated that one-sixth of the population was suffering from malarial attacks during each week.” These are lessons to mull over even if from primitive times. Do check out the entire content on malaria from the CDC.

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