on failure

“Even if you fail at your ambitious thing, it’s very hard to fail completely.” Larry Page


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noah’s ark

Noah’s Ark…Reviving the Artist within. [polldaddy poll=8071711]


You must begin at zero. Great things begin from nothing – but nothing is useless until it is transmuted into zero. That is the first miracle. Nothing must first become zero. What is zero? The beginning, the origin, the start, the take-off. Every great edifice, every great enterprise; every work of creation – the first …

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Books I Enjoyed Reading in the Last One Year

I have read–and listened to–more books in the last one year than during any one year. Some of them though published decades ago remain great reads. Do check them out and let me know what books are on your radar this year. Here are the ones I particularly enjoyed: Business & Entrepreneurship Blue Ocean Strategy – W. …

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You don’t get grades for…

You don’t get grades for resiliency, curiosity, agility, resourcefulness, pattern recognition and tenacity. You just get successful. Yet another entrepreneurship..erm..Commencement speech from Steve Blank, adorable, white-haired Steve, someone I never heard of until recently. Know the Lean Launchpad? Check out the Udacity course How to Build A Startup at Udacity.

I’m getting old…really?

Sunday, I took the time to brush my hair specially. Yes, I’m nurturing some form of short afro now after convincing myself I could afford more regular visits to the barber for trimmings. Well, I saw my first grey hair on Sunday. It stood out of my scalp a bit above my right ear. You …

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We are Brands!

We are brands! Each of us unique but with the same quality seal, we can’t afford to be confused with others. I thought about this a while ago drawing an analogy from the world of marketing. A brand is a name, phrase, or image used to identify a product or service with at least one …

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