Microsoft’s LinkedIn Ace

News: Microsoft acquires Linkedin for $26 billion.

Microsoft just landed an ace. Linkedin is not just a social network for pros, it is a massive, crowdsourced HR consultancy (probably the biggest in the world). 

And more, it has grown into a digital media firm: the most influential business leaders publish well-received content in the space.

Microsoft now has the attention of 433 million attentive Linkedin professionals who are consumers, industry advisers, decision-makers, and corporate management in a fresh way.

If this ace is invested well, it will at once soften, emotionalize Microsoft’s corporate image and help promote its appeal to users everywhere.

I dare say this move will change Microsoft in many pleasant ways its management may not envisage at this time, opening up possibilities in new technology and business markets.

I’d like to see how Google, Microsoft’s competition in the enterprise and consumer productivity space, responds.

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