Being Daddy

Daddy flies out of bed as the first whimpers reach him in sleep. It is such a joy to rise up two or three times every night, weekdays and weekends, to tend baby. It could be a diaper call or a food assignment.

Daddy’s as skilled at changing the diaper as in turning on his work computer. He can do both with his eyes closed.

Daddy is now cunning at calculating spoonfuls of baby food per ml; he knows when the spoon should be heaped or levelled, and can predict how long the break will be before the next refill.

Daddy’s secret for helping squirming baby sleep at 2:00 a.m.: Carry baby against his chest so ear syncs with his heartbeat. Daddy relocates to dark sitting room, paces around the two-seater 25 or 30 times. Baby is calm at 7th, asleep between the 15th and 20th, enters deep sleep eventually.

Daddy’s left biceps are sore, tight, and strong because baby helps to keep it so.

Daddy gets paid when baby chuckles and laughs.

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