Rap from the Past

I found some rap lyrics I wrote sometime back. It was a crowd favourite at the time–rhymes on every line, and a great beat. Even my son likes it 20+ years on!

Africa by Toto

I discovered Africa from a mobile game my son liked playing. Apparently, the song was a hit way back in 1982 when it was released and then attained a resurgence more recently. The countless covers, from cool to parody, acapella, instrumentals, and choir renditions all pay homage. Even says some scientists laud it as …

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Musical expression

The forms of musical expression in any given culture often reflect the reigning assumptions in that culture about reality generally and the human condition specifically. -Ken Myers There’s a lot to think about if you consider the¬†Nigerian music expression against this thought. It reminds me of how people can determine a family’s standard of living …

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