Trustful Kitchen

Good people rise to the level of trust you place in them. They go above and beyond what’s required of them because that’s their default behaviour. They have a reputation to protect and they feel indebted to justify that investment of trust you place in them.

Idea #2: Packaged Food for Schoolchildren in Nigeria

1. The Problem Working parents struggle with providing healthy meals for their children in school. Some schools do serve meals but could also need some help. 2. The Solution What if you could serve pre-packed healthy meals to children daily? You could also provide healthy meal plans based on the nutritional needs of the children, …

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Web Gems (June 2)

First, stay inspired with this marvellous resource called The Seeds 4 Life. The site serves inspirational articles grown from quotes. According to the editor, “this site was created around the idea that your mind functions like a garden, with your thoughts acting like the Seeds.  The more inspirational or positive thoughts you Seed within your mind, …

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