Wisdom from James Clear

1. Getting started “Many situations in life are similar to going on a hike: the view changes once you start walking. You don’t need all the answers right now. New paths will reveal themselves if you have the courage to get started.” 2. Attention “Most things are not as difficult as they seem—if you focus […]

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Forget Epic. Start Boring

When you are tempted to start new things in an epic way, start boring. Start what you need to do today, right now if possible. You will lose crucial energy and time if you wait. You will gain crucial energy and time when you take action. Start small if it’s the only way you can.

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The Generalist Leader

Your #1 job is to inspire confidence in your people, in your management. Inspire confidence in all you do, say, the way you appear. Don’t answer questions you have no answer to. Practice asking questions. Ask questions to help your people succeed.

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Sheltered Spaces

Sheltered spaces like libraries, bookshops, and to some extent cafes, clubhouses, and church buildings are some of the places I feel most comfortable in, they are places where time and the worries of life quiet to mute, where joy naturally springs, where the very air is nourishment. The perfect sheltered spaces have physical books to

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A Job Application

I wanted to share my responses to some screening questions to a recent job application. The questions are unlike those I’d ever had to deal with and I tried to match them with similar flair — a friend found my first response hilarious. I rewrote some of them three, four times before the final version.

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Writing is Always Scary

No, that’s not true. I apologize. Not all writing is always scary. Writing a new bookish article for my blog is scary. Writing an essay is scary. Writing the chapters of a client’s book is scary. Writing for a critical audience, real or perceived, (what’s the difference?) is scary. There you have it. I’m not

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My latest understanding

+ To be interested in the process of discovery, learning, training; To enjoy the process, or at least enjoy significant parts of it + To find the right way to exert my effort; to be humble enough to inquire, to find the right way to practise from the master or that person ahead of me

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