Sheltered Spaces

Sheltered spaces like libraries, bookshops, and to some extent cafes, clubhouses, and church buildings are some of the places I feel most comfortable in, they are places where time and the worries of life quiet to mute, where joy naturally springs, where the very air is nourishment. The perfect sheltered spaces have physical books to […]

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My latest understanding

+ To be interested in the process of discovery, learning, training; To enjoy the process, or at least enjoy significant parts of it + To find the right way to exert my effort; to be humble enough to inquire, to find the right way to practise from the master or that person ahead of me

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The tragedy of the Unabomber

Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski aka the Unabomber serves prison time in the US as a domestic terrorist. The genius former mathematics professor is charged with killing three people and injuring 23 others using mail bombs. To me, Kaczynski’s story is laden with potential intervention points from the very beginning. Why did he turn to crime? He

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Raising an Intelligent Child

Last year, a friend asked if I could share some tips on how to raise an intelligent child. His wife was impressed when they visited–the “big man” was almost three then. They sought ideas as they raised their own son. Well, I told him I could share a few tips based on my role as

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Africa by Toto

I discovered Africa from a mobile game my son liked playing. Apparently, the song was a hit way back in 1982 when it was released and then attained a resurgence more recently. The countless covers, from cool to parody, acapella, instrumentals, and choir renditions all pay homage. Even says some scientists laud it as

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Character, Capacity, Competence

Character, capacity, and competence: three elements crucial to succeed wherever we find ourselves in life. They matter for every one, be it young or old. Character refers to your values, the things important to you: integrity, empathy, selflessness, generosity. It is a measure of how good you are on the inside. Capacity is your potential

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