Idea #2: Packaged Food for Schoolchildren in Nigeria

1. The Problem

Working parents struggle with providing healthy meals for their children in school.

Some schools do serve meals but could also need some help.

2. The Solution

What if you could serve pre-packed healthy meals to children daily?

You could also provide healthy meal plans based on the nutritional needs of the children, e.g., calorie-light meals for obese children or nutrient-packed meals to underweight or choosy eaters.

3. Possible Execution

  • Consult with parents to prepare meal plans
  • Work with schools to structure a meal delivery service suited to their needs
  • Prepare and forward plans to parents
  • Prepare, pack, and deliver food on time to children at their schools

4. Potential Challenges

  • Specialist knowledge of nutrition and food processing/preparation required
  • High quality assurance required – this is food, and it’s for children
  • Service may be pricey; review well to execute profitably
  • Transport logistics in densely-populated areas. Do we need to mention ze example?
  • Buy-in of each school’s management

5. Gains

  • Money to be made from delivering valued services
  • Working with parents to take better care of their children
  • Partnering schools to deliver allied quality services to parents and pupils/students
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