Idea #3: Salads & Healthy Foods Restaurant


More people eating out are conscious about healthy eating and how well or often they do it.


Establish a restaurant or eatery serving salads and healthy food fare.

Even where you serve snacks and the traditional Nigerian staples such as rice, or swallows, or even beans, look for ways to introduce new nutritional elements in them.

Serve smoothies and whole foods (e.g., brown rice); recommend food combinations catering to a spectrum of health and nutritional needs, for example, to the elderly, athlete, nursing mother, active youth, picky eater, or children.

Possible Execution Steps:

  • Find out restaurant setup requirements
  • Research foodstuffs, possible sources, and recipes
  • Plan your recipes
  • Test the market
  • Start small


  • Setup costs may be high (rent, equipment, licensing, marketing)
  • The concept might appeal to more upscale neighbourhoods
  • Requires specialist food processing knowledge
  • Requires restaurant management skills and experience


  • If executed well, enjoy respectable returns and growth
  • Contribute to the health needs of society

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