Thoughts change the thinker

Your life goes in the direction of your thoughts but you are what you think.

I thought those two sayings were the same. It matters not if you justify or excuse the thought you allow to dwell in your heart, you become it. Physically.

A man is good because he thinks good thoughts, peaceful because he thinks peaceful thoughts, ugly because he thinks ugly thoughts, rich because he thinks rich thoughts, violent because he thinks violent thoughts. You slant toward the texture of your thoughts and it even shows up in your very features–face, posture, gait.

Let me work with three things: me a vehicle, my thoughts fuel, the direction my life-path. My bad thoughts would lead me down the assured bad, potholed road but they do more than change the course of the road I travel, they change me. The vehicle then complements the terrain. It’s like food–what you eat provides your energy but also shows up in your appearance, and personality.

But I can decide to examine and replace my thoughts. I can think good, noble, godly, praiseworthy thoughts and travel down a road paved with silk and fur–until I hit the necessary rough patch, slowing down around sinkholes.

The road (life) may be rough and treacherous then, but it won’t matter one jot if the vehicle (me) is a monster truck or indeed can mount up on wings and fly. The thoughts I thought, and that I’ll be thinking will favour me.

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