Sheltered Spaces

Sheltered spaces like libraries, bookshops, and to some extent cafes, clubhouses, and church buildings are some of the places I feel most comfortable in, they are places where time and the worries of life quiet to mute, where joy naturally springs, where the very air is nourishment. The perfect sheltered spaces have physical books to …

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A room filled with books

What is more beautiful than a room filled with books? There are probably very many things like love, like catching a baby staring or smiling at you. But I love books, and that joy is complete when I find myself in a room filled with them, a garden of lights and heady smells, of sparkling …

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These Six Books

I didn’t read many books this year. I slowed way down due to rising commitments, life changes, and an inevitable reduction in stamina. The books got replaced by blog posts and online articles; I can imagine them adding up to a significant number of volumes if only I could collate them. But these six books …

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