You must begin at zero.

Great things begin from nothing – but nothing is useless until it is transmuted into zero. That is the first miracle. Nothing must first become zero.

What is zero?

The beginning, the origin, the start, the take-off.


Every great edifice, every great enterprise; every work of creation – the first Creation and every subsequent effort, from Apple, to Google, and Maersk; from Gold to Fidson to the rise and prosperity of entire nations. Anything and everything that is significant today or that will ever be will begin and has begun at…zero.


If you are going to be or do anything worthwhile, anything significant in life; if you are ever going to mark your time as worthwhile while you are here, you must begin at the beginning…and the beginning can only be zero.

Zero does not mean nothing; it is the place where it all begins.

What begins?

Life, happiness, enterprise,

progress, success, reformation,

change, salvation, healing,

reinvention, newness – a new you.

You must begin at that place.


“Oh,” you say, “but I have nothing…I am nothing.” Good.

Now, imagine your life or your situation is a blank page, empty. Place a dot, mark an x. You have your zero point. You do indeed certify that you possess something:

An awareness of your current resources and the difference between where you are, who you are, what you have and

what you want to have,

where you want to be,

WHO you want to be.

Change, then, begins at that point. That zero point you mark off: the dot, an asterisk, a point made with a crayon or pencil or pen (or stylus or keystroke), and then your journey begins.


Wait for no one’s permission to advance from this point.

Begin. Today. Act. Start. Now.

Action has magic…actually, it be reagent for MIRACLES. The magic is a carrying momentum; it is one of accumulated progress, of compounding interest, of compounding returns. A little here, a little there…some crumbs, some fragments; some crawling, some staggering; some errors, some embarrassment; but there will be movement, from nothing, to zero, then to movement.


Your axis, your movement might tend toward the left, where you will bear some debit – where it seems or you actually retrogress, but do not despair. Check the destination’s image in your mind’s eye; check your purpose, your intent, are you assured you are on the right track?

Setbacks, pain, and failure are no signals that you are wrong. They are recurring constants, but they will help you along the path to achieving your desire. Be encouraged. What else will you wait for?

So, forward. Start from your zero, return to your course though you deviate or stumble or fail, keep building, keep working, keep feeding your drive, keep your investment up. In time, you will look behind and stand amazed at how far you have come.

When will you begin at your zero? Today looks good.

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