My 2015 In Review

I found a lovely way to review the year, and to reach out for 2016.

2015 Scores
2016 Goals

*Inspired by Aja Frost. Do check out her year in review and more here.

*Here’s the link to the Career Site for Young People (TCGP).

*And the one to Olounje, the Foodie & Nutrition Resource.

Wishing You a Merry Christmas & A Prosperous 2016 ahead!

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4 thoughts on “My 2015 In Review”

  1. Hi. Thanks for following my blogs!

    I just read your achievements for the year 2015, and it made me feel lazy
    Keep up the great work!

    I’ll like to know more about the online library you designed on Google Apps. How does it work?

    1. Hello Dayo, thanks for the compliment. You’re very kind. And thank you also for the refreshing work on your two blogs, plus the links to IFWE and others… wow.

      On the library: It’s an integration of Google Sites+Drive+Docs+Analytics, essentially a custom website built to serve ebooks, media files, and blog content to users granted access using their company ID. Books and media resources are stored on Google Drive to achieve speedy load. A Marketplace/Chrome Web Store app was developed and published, accessible to domain users only. So users can access the library from within their Gmail inbox or Drive or even Calendar (anywhere they can see the apps grid). Google Analytics helps to track user interactions in a simple way for now (how many users, new users, viewed pages, etc).

      Hope I put that across clearly. Please feel free to point out any parts you need more light on. My regards.

      1. Thanks for the feedback. Is it possible to develop a library like this and integrate it with my blog? I have been nursing the idea of an online library/bookstore for sometime now.

  2. I will suggest looking at building the library or bookstore using WordPress tools so you keep everything simple. Googling “wordpress elibrary plugin” brought up the weblibrarian plugin but I am yet to check it out. If you feel up to it you can search for other relevant plugins. Do let me know if you need my help in any way. Cheers.