Idea #1: Career Counseling Services for Workers

1. The Problem

Where do regular workers (not business executives) go when they need help with career decisions, stress at work, health challenges affecting their careers, mental wellness, physical wellness? Yes, people talk to friends and relatives or religious leaders, read posts or books but do those resources or people provide specialist, structured support day in, day out?

2. The Solution

Launch a professional career counselling center to cater to these needs of workers at a fee they can afford. This may be a nonprofit or social enterprise or a regular business.

3. Possible Execution

  • Acquire an office or workspace
  • Plan available services and their prices
  • Prepare operational procedures
  • Market available career counselling services
  • You could team up with others to focus on specialist areas, serve high-profile clients or organisations while you continue to serve the general populace at rates they can afford or for free
  • You could partner with funding agencies to achieve the goal

4. Challenges

  • You will need professional training and may require a license to practise although I’m not aware of any organization regulating this industry
  • You may not be able to earn a lot of money if adoption rates are low or the money clients are willing to pay isn’t much
  • People have to overcome their superman tendency or the fear of societal stigma in seeking help

5. Gains

  • You get to contribute to the prosperity of the nation’s workforce, and may even save lives
  • You are fulfilled
  • If you studied psychology or sociology or guidance and counselling, you get to practise your craft and make a living while at it.
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