Idea #4: Airships for Cargo Transport in Lagos

The Problem:

So much of the traffic situation in Lagos can be traced to the presence of container trucks in various modes: parked and waiting for unloading or offloading, broken down, tumbled over, or worse.

The issue continues to be a huge drain on the population’s energies – physical, mental, and emotional where it’s not an all-out safety issue.


Run airships to transport cargo around Lagos and to other states.

Possible Execution Steps:

  • Research airship technologies. Possibly seek partnership with specialists abroad
  • Build airship ports at designated locations
  • Partner with government, state and federal, to reduce costs and risks to accomplish the plan
  • Charge per trip or determine other pricing models that work


  • Acquire land to use as ports at designated areas or lease existing spaces at airports
  • Obtain government permits for air travel (NAMA, FAAN, etc)
  • Require specialist aviation skills and technical know-how or partnerships with foreign experts
  • Setup and maintenance costs might be prohibitive
  • Train in emergency procedures in case of accidents


  • Help solve or at least ease the perennial traffic problem
  • Make money through providing this innovative cargo service in Nigeria
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