Creating EverCreed

I spent weeks of intense work on EverCreed. It’s a question-and-answer website for Christians.

Quora? Stack Exchange?

Yes… okay, no.

This one’s focused on Christian-centric issues only. Everything from doctrine to the deliberations of daily living.

Will it matter to Christians? In Nigeria and beyond? Maybe. Well, I hope so.

The dream is to launch a series of useful web resources with mass appeal to certain tribes or across them.

I see a thriving work creating and nurturing online resources such as this, probably even make it a full-time job.

The project’s taken me deeper into the world of design – the more human side of design, and the technicalities of web design.

Of course, this should be a site people can come ‘share and learn’.

The next part is to push it out there so people outside of my immediate circle can try it out.

Can it attain the requisite momentum to go critical?

Update: I stopped developing the EverCreed website in 2016.

You may access the archived site here:

Getting experienced Christians, well, mostly my friends from way back in school to sign up was tougher than I envisaged. And I got distracted by the demands of work and life.

However, I got to learn very quickly, if only a little, what internet startup founders say about developing new products.

Great experience! Maybe I will revisit this idea in one form or another sometime in the future.

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