The difference between a goal and a wish

The difference between a goal and a wish is a plan — or a system to achieve the goal.

For example, my goal was to read 104 books in 2016 but I had no plan. I managed to read only six books and even that was an achievement.

OK, so this year my goal is to read 12 books, and now I have a plan. I will read 20 pages each day in the morning, and in the evenings before bed if possible. I will complete a 300-page book in 15 days at this pace.

But I think I will probably do more than 20 books a year. Who knows, I could do 30. All I need to do is to stick to my 20 pages a day and the goal will take care of itself.

If I commit to the process, the goal will be achieved. It’s like cooking.

If you stick to the recipe and the preparation guide (the process), you will produce the advertised fluffy cake or fried rice (the goal).

Inspiration from The Simple System I Use to Read More and Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead by James Clear. This is the second post in a row I would be referencing this resource.

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