Wisdom, and others

In your quest for wisdom, in all your seeking and mining, do not despair when you discover only folly.

It is the way of things, you will know wisdom when you recognize folly. While you suddenly become aware of this ill in others, you will move closer to true wisdom when you are the lesson, and not your neighbour.

Do not despair, do not lose hope.

Your wound will heal in time, and you will find wisdom not in victorious celebration, but in the mellow spirit of one who has been shamed and healed, knowing firsthand the difference between the two, purified through the experience if you persevere.

It is the same when you seek strength.

First, you will be overwhelmed by how weak you really are. And if you seek purity – of body, of soul, of spirit you will be embarrassed by everything in you that is the opposite.

Keep going, don’t give up. Being aware and accepting that your situation is the exact opposite of your goal is the first most important step to progress.

Don’t give up, keep going.

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