Live truly today

How many friends do you have? When was the last time you hung out with a pal? Or held conversation with someone, anyone without thinking about your importance or the principles you needed to defend? People do not hate you, they just do not remember you. Well, some may hate. But most folks are too busy seeking their personal comforts than to be distracted.

It’s a lonely world because people are eternally occupied with their own desires. The one who shows his neighbour the tiniest interest wins a companion. He will not be alone or lonely. He may not present himself wise or smart or knowledgeable, but he will be the go-to person when advice or comfort is needed.

In conversations, delay your ready response. Think less of self, and regard the other person before you say anything. You think of the other person, see the world through his eyes.

It is not the things you do, but your heart. And the only way to change your heart is to lay aside your arguments, your internal chainmail and show yourself as you truly are. It will change you, and will draw people to you. Live truly, not a scripted, rehearsed life. It takes too much energy to keep up any appearance, to continue to play the role you have adopted. Live truly today.

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