Idea #7: A Zoo of Replicas

Children love animals but where do our children see animals in all their glory? In Nigeria, most of them only see them in zoos shown on TV, and even the ones privileged to visit actual zoos get to see only a few of them.

The challenges for would-be entrepreneurs are many: sourcing for animals and the expertise for caring for them.

What if there was another way?


Create a zoo made of wooden carved animals set against their natural habitats.

The choice of wood is to ensure the animals are close to lifelikeness as possible with the ability to add fine details to each creation by craftsmen.

Possible Steps to Execute:

  • Lease or purchase real estate for the venture
  • Commission artists and craftsmen to create the replicas
  • Engage set decorators to create each animal’s habitat
  • Engage writers and zoologists to prepare scripts and knowledge boards for all the animals
  • Plan for tourism centres and visits
  • Publicise the venture


  • Finding artists and craftsmen with the necessary skills to create the replicas and environments
  • Particular attention may be required for sea animals in their environments


  • Create environments close to nature where children and their guardians can relax and learn
  • Reawaken public interest in the arts, animal science, and nature
  • The venture might probably lead to establishing zoos and animal parks
  • Facilitate new jobs for artists, facility managers, and other complementary services
  • If all goes well, you feel great about your venture and enjoy good returns
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