Doubt and Unbelief

It is hard to win an argument against faith, but it is easy to insinuate, to plant a seed of doubt, just a shadow to mix things up a tiny bit.

Then its efficacy is soon gone, no effort required to persuade or compel you to refute your earlier claims.

Doubt takes on a life of its own, feeds off man’s nature, a seed soon taken root, a leaven of darkness.

A shadow is not all bad, it is an evidence of light. But it is also evidence you stand between the light and something else.

So, what I got from uncle sci-fi writer-professor of biochemistry? [Maybe] religion and faith is a scam to keep everyone in line.

Well, if you looked at it, your eyes squinted one way, religion could actually do that. Is there any support from Paul when he says to “obey all authority as unto God”, or something like that?

Faith is what it is. Faith explained, known, realized only by the heart that holds it.

But religion, is it a codified set of instructions to keep people in line?

Doubt says, “I’m not sure”. Unbelief? “I know for sure.” Eve never got to unbelief, doubt was enough.

God help my doubt. Ah, understanding eases away doubt.

It’s not the first time I have had doubts about God (I won’t say “doubted God”), or about faith in God.

But may I never fall into unbelief. I understand that paradox, a mind truly open considers both sides of the argument. Is mine still open?

God, help me.

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