A room filled with books

What is more beautiful than a room filled with books? There are probably very many things like love, like catching a baby staring or smiling at you. But I love books, and that joy is complete when I find myself in a room filled with them, a garden of lights and heady smells, of sparkling …

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Creating Innovators

I have always been a rebel – against the course of content-cramming, and soulless educating in Nigeria. And I know what Mark Twain meant when he cautioned not to “allow [your] schooling to interfere with your education” – although I have suffered for it. Our academic systems gasp for relevance but they at least subsist, …

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Zik on Education

Ability to quote Shakespeare… to solve the Pythagorean problem… to know the important dates of British history, does not indicate true academic scholarship. These are the superficialities of a decadent educational system.