My latest understanding

+ To be interested in the process of discovery, learning, training; To enjoy the process, or at least enjoy significant parts of it

+ To find the right way to exert my effort; to be humble enough to inquire, to find the right way to practise from the master or that person ahead of me

+ To be willing to work, and to put in the hours day by day to learn, master concepts in ranges of difficulty

+ To be willing to announce goal (not necessarily on social media but at least to one person), to experiment, to fail if things go sideways

+ To be willing to shoot for a significant goal that will take me beyond the comforts of my current situation

+ To find a way to stay motivated, to stay habituated, to keep at it during off times, when it gets boring, and to find a way to return to the path when I go off course or miss one or many steps–to keep returning to the path

+ To do, to act. To appreciate effort, to cease from commentary or criticism except where I am doing so to improve the subject or object before me

+ To go for the long haul, to appreciate little gains, to stay in the game for the long haul

Inspired by:

Sunday Brain Food by Farnam Street and these featured posts from the March 21 newsletter:

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