Idea #8 – Children’s Wooden Toys

I was wondering what it would take to build wooden toys for children with as little funds as possible.


Build simple toys for children to play and learn while developing creative and psychomotor skills. The age range from toddlers to early school-aged children, that is, ages one to six.

Easy first products could be stacking blocks, letters, and numbers made with wood of various shades (cream to maroon or black and as many shades in between) or organic paints to keep them safe for the young ones.

Other products could be the usual fare: vehicles, miniature playhouses, and maybe some unusual fare.

Aiming to build an ecosystem of products will be an advantage, that is, toys that complement one another. With some creativity, a host of spinoffs could emerge from the initial idea.

Steps to Consider

  • Research available wood
  • Speak with a carpenter
  • Partner with wood technicians (if they exist) in technical schools or polytechnics
  • Research toy types; maybe start with two or three products
  • Research best marketing and sales options

Likely Challenges

  • Sourcing for wood and any other required raw materials cost-effectively
  • Finding skilful woodworkers
  • Production setup and operations may be difficult (so adopt the lean approach)


  • The market is vast, there’s a fair chance of success
  • The products will appeal to those who care about the environment because wooden toys are biodegradable
  • You get a chance to contribute to the development of the nation’s toy production, art, and technical industries (design, woodworking, organic paintmaking, and so on).

I usually publish each of these idea series on LinkedIn. I found many product-inspiring images on Pixabay.

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