A prayer for comfort

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

May our God reach through the fog of sorrow and comfort all those who mourn.

God is our refuge, our present help in time of need.

We will not be moved, though the heavens fall and the earth be moved. The LORD is our refuge. We will not be shaken.

The LORD our God is our shield, and our buckler. He upholds us with His swift, sure hand.

Though we are afraid, we shall not be afraid.

He’s the LORD, the one who shields us from the arrows by day, from the destruction wasting at noonday, from the terrors by night.

We are not be afraid. We find our courage, our power, our grace, our refuge, our comfort in Him.

A thousand may fall at our right hand, ten thousand on our left but only with our eyes shall we see… the salvation of our LORD.

The LORD strong and mighty will stretch forth His hand to heal, and to save.

The LORD will do that which is good. The LORD will cause joy and health and peace to be our lot. Only on the name of our God do we rest.

May the LORD chase back the black darkness of misery and death.

May His power be available to bring light and life to our midst, to this nation.

May our hearts rejoice in the goodness we hear. May the evidence of His power, of His goodness abound in all that surrounds us.

May the line of light be drawn, may His mercy prevail in all cases. This we pray, man and woman. May the LORD hear our hearts’ cry and make His goodness our experience, every man, woman, and child.

May the seal of His Spirit be upon us.

May the Blood of His Son speak better things on our behalf.

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