Web Gems (June 16)

Programmer gets fired for automating his job “When he first got his software testing quality assurance job, he spent eight months automating all of the programming tasks. With all of his tasks fully automated by a computer, he was able to literally sit back and do whatever he wanted.” He lived that life for six …

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Ideas, Talk, Talent

Ideas ruled the world. I thought so, I believed it, and delighted in unveiling and polishing mine where I had them filed. There were many secrets to making money, I was privy to quite a number. If ideas were cash, I was a billionaire at 19. I felt rich even if reality offered no parallel …

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Cheer like children

The two teachers struggled to quiet the four-, five-year-olds cheering and chanting the names of every child who marched into the classroom — “Desola-Desola-Desola! Henry-Henry-Henry! Emeka!-Emeka!-Emeka! Amina!-Amina!-Amina!“ All of them seemed to be the stars in the class, not one child was singled out. Each child who was cheered joined the throng to welcome others …

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Web Gems (June 9)

Today’s web gems: One-Thing Shops: How about a superstore selling only soda (soft drinks), not a wholesaler, one set up like a supermart? I know of luggage-only shops. I wonder how one can port this idea to other types of businesses. A call for plodding bloggers: Tim Challies encourages Christian bloggers. OpenAI: Artificial Intelligence for …

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I fight for the users

Who do you fight for? Anyone working in IT has to choose. It is easy to settle into the mould of the tech-overlord who monitors users’ activities and punishes erring behaviour by unplugging the cable or limiting wi-fi access. It’s not ‘us’ against ‘them’. We exist because they are. Then again, they are (remain productive at …

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Being Daddy

Daddy flies out of bed as the first whimpers reach him in sleep. It is such a joy to rise up two or three times every night, weekdays and weekends, to tend baby. It could be a diaper call or a food assignment. Daddy’s as skilled at changing the diaper as in turning on his …

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Saving money

It’s difficult to save anything — not to talk of the desired 10% — these days with a shrunken income and increased expenses. I want to save money because I know it is important to have something left over for the rainy day; or so that I have ready cash to invest when opportunity shows up; …

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Always something left

There’s always something left, Something you have that God can work with. After all you hold is gone, when the wallet is light, and when the stores are empty, There will be a seed left, some little thing insignificant in your perception But enough for God to turn a miracle in your life.

Web Gems (June 2)

First, stay inspired with this marvellous resource called The Seeds 4 Life. The site serves inspirational articles grown from quotes. According to the editor, “this site was created around the idea that your mind functions like a garden, with your thoughts acting like the Seeds.  The more inspirational or positive thoughts you Seed within your mind, …

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Start something new

To write, to read, to run, to code, to trade, to pray, to sleep, to eat. To do more, or to do less. There’s no best day to start something new. Don’t wait until the first of the month or beginning of the year. Start. Never mind it’s the 13th or the 31st of May or …

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