Africa by Toto

I discovered Africa from a mobile game my son liked playing. Apparently, the song was a hit way back in 1982 when it was released and then attained a resurgence more recently. The countless covers, from cool to parody, acapella, instrumentals, and choir renditions all pay homage. Even says some scientists laud it as …

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Character, Capacity, Competence

Character, capacity, and competence: three elements crucial to succeed wherever we find ourselves in life. They matter for every one, be it young or old. Character refers to your values, the things important to you: integrity, empathy, selflessness, generosity. It is a measure of how good you are on the inside. Capacity is your potential …

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Between Ambition and Happiness

I once told a friend that becoming the CEO of MTN wasn’t my ambition. We were discussing the future, careers, money, comfort. I probably didn’t (and still don’t) fully understand the implication of that statement. I came across as an unambitious fellow content with his poverty while my mates, and juniors, plunged into work and …

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Doubt and Unbelief

It is hard to win an argument against faith, but it is easy to insinuate, to plant a seed of doubt, just a shadow to mix things up a tiny bit. Then its efficacy is soon gone, no effort required to persuade or compel you to refute your earlier claims. Doubt takes on a life …

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The Gospel in the Age of AI

I’m just thinking about the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on the message of Jesus Christ and Christianity. Will the Gospel be preached by chatbots or even full-fledged robots and androids? When Jesus spoke about the Gospel being preached to the ends of the earth, did he foresee that bots will take over from human …

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My Persons of 2018

I select My Persons of 2018 from the best emails I received this year. I learnt many good things about success, work, health, habits, business, and Christianity. Visit their websites and subscribe to the newsletters. Here they are: Sean D’Souza for his mega-abundant small business strategy and marketing insights + other goodies too via …

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The List of Six

I’m experimenting with the Ivy Lee method to get more done this 2017.