Depressed Bearers of Good News: Irony or Paradox?

Depressed Bearers of Good News: Irony or Paradox?
Why would we have good news to share while we maintain tedious, sad, beggarly, inferior salesman-like attitudes? The good news we bring is a favour, a gift, a bestowment of grace, of hope, of a long-awaited respite from despair, lifelong experiences- and for others a melting away, a dissolution, a breakdown of present delusions and fears existing as holding prisons for men and women, young and old bound in misery, hopelessness and helplessness.
Do we really bear good news? Is what we bear really good news? Who would shrink back in fear or inferiority if what he delivered would be joy and health, a cause for celebration, to the receiving heart? Even the lowest of slaves would find the confidence and enthusiasm to stand before the most imposing nobility unashamed and unafraid if he knew the words from his mouth would favour the hearer. So, what is our issue?
A new king rules! It is a proclamation meant to ring through every street and thoroughfare, through every place and space where men and all that is living find habitation.
Am I sure of this? The High King- the One who has paid the blood debt by His own blood, and yet lives to shield and deliver all who accept His payment on their behalf.
The new King reigns! He comes bearing mercy and deliverance from all present debts. The Debt that leads to all debts has been paid, and in full, too.
There will be curious cynics and idle mockers, those used to the baseness life became under the old rule, in the old kingdom when light was not, when darkness was ever present. The left over darkness remains in the hearts- the unbelief, the clinging to the old ways we were born in, that we became used to. But the darkness is passing, the light is here and it is sweeping the last traces of it away.
It may become darker before the emergence of perfect light but we know it will be darkness’ last feeble gasp before it is banished to where its infection would not matter anymore: the hearts and beings of all the high King’s people will rid of all darkness, and full of light- the light of the High King Himself.
So, what good news? If it be good news why be depressed and afraid and timid and beggarly and shy and trying-too-hard and defensive in getting the message across to the people who need it?
If the good news be the news the souls of all the world be waiting for, why shrink back in sharing it? If the good news be the cure, once and for all, for the ailments which torment us in this world, why withhold dispensing it freely, lavishly, without-holding-back-at-all to all comers, to everyone we find?
Nothing stops us-except we are not certain it is the good news. If it is, then let us be zealous, happy bearers of [the] Good News.
“I almost could see happiness descend upon the people like a shining cloud as the truth took hold within them. I saw bent backs straighten, and dead eyes spark to life. I saw hope and courage rekindled from dead, cold ashes.” Llew Silver Hand, The Endless Knot.

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