Ideas, Talk, Talent

Ideas ruled the world. I thought so, I believed it, and delighted in unveiling and polishing mine where I had them filed. There were many secrets to making money, I was privy to quite a number. If ideas were cash, I was a billionaire at 19. I felt rich even if reality offered no remorse. …

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Cheer like children

The two teachers struggled to quiet the four-, five-year-olds cheering and chanting the names of every child who matched into the classroom — “Desola-Desola-Desola! Henry-Henry-Henry! Emeka!-Emeka!-Emeka! Amina!-Amina!-Amina!” All of them seemed to be the stars in the class, not one child was singled out. Each child who was cheered joined the throng to welcome others …

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If you never played the videogame, look for it and play it. If you were a teen in the ’90s, see how you react when the images light up your screen again as you get ready to fight! Today, I traveled back to ’93 when I first held the gamepad staring at the Streetfighter II …

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