Microsoft’s LinkedIn Ace

News: Microsoft acquires Linkedin for $26 billion. Microsoft just landed an ace. Linkedin is not just a social network for pros, it is a massive, crowdsourced HR consultancy (probably the biggest in the world). And more, it has grown into a digital media firm: the most influential business leaders publish well-received content in the space. Microsoft now …

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Web Gems (June 9)

Today’s web gems: One-Thing Shops: How about a superstore selling only soda (soft drinks), not a wholesaler, one set up like a supermart? I know of luggage-only shops. I wonder how one can port this idea to other types of businesses. A call for plodding bloggers: Tim Challies encourages Christian bloggers. OpenAI: Artificial Intelligence for …

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I finally get it. Uber. I had a great experience yesterday when I used the service for the very first time. Simple app user interface; a very professional, courteous driver. Uber invites, verifies, and signs up private car owners as drivers on its software platform. You install the app on your device, register, and tell …

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update: free wi-fi

Less than 2 weeks after I wrote this, the ‘Free Wi-Fi’ advert board in front of the outlet has been replaced with ‘Fresh Start… Breakfast… 7am till 12noon‘. There are 2 other displays calling out to people to come enjoy varieties of burger and pasta. Interesting. I’m glad someone reconsidered the outlet’s marketing.

free wi-fi

Familiar story: new fast-food biz wants to draw customers to its outlet, considers the most useful baits, launches a banner declaring FREE WI-FI—> an appeal to teenagers, young adults, young professionals. Seems like a good, easy marketing strategy a la Starbucks. To the new biz: Some will come, the notorious freebie seekers. They will make you …

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You don’t get grades for…

You don’t get grades for resiliency, curiosity, agility, resourcefulness, pattern recognition and tenacity. You just get successful. Yet another entrepreneurship..erm..Commencement speech from Steve Blank, adorable, white-haired Steve, someone I never heard of until recently. Know the Lean Launchpad? Check out the Udacity course How to Build A Startup at Udacity.