I always thought I cared about people. Then again, it’s easy to excuse myself: loving people (like me) busy with daily living might lack the necessary apparatus for expressing their care toward others. No matter, I plan to amend the situation somehow.

Back then at the university, there was a guy ready always with a compliment for everyone. He once observed the veins visible on my lean arms and declared them a sign of good health. I knew better having subsisted on biscuits, maybe garri, some rare bread, for weeks. His energy radiated outwards and drew many to him. He shared out of his stuff, he cared. He couldn’t have given out money to all or some other practical things but I think there were guys who bore their hardships more cheerfully because of his words, and his music. Did he care about those young men and women? I think so. Do I now aim for popularity or to reproduce this feat. No, I only want to live like all reasonable men should. I hope.

Caring is deliberate action. It takes effort to reach out beyond oneself to ask after people’s welfare, to want to know what’s happening, how they’re coping, and thriving in life. It takes energy and time, and sometimes money, to look up and around to understand the state or needs of others in order to share in their joys and pains. And then to do something.

I know it is possible to even help other people in many ways without really giving them a part of your humanity. The gift without the giver is gratefully received; the giver could as well as been some shadow in the dark. The crux is love. I have wondered why Paul would say one may give his body to be burned, yet have no love; one may give away all ones wealth for some cause, yet have no love. One may sacrifice himself, die physically for another person yet be without love. It’s becoming clearer. My goodwill or goodness to someone may be out of selfish ambition — for external or internal reward. External, the praise of men; internal, the praise of self, conceit. But shouldn’t one be happy or proud for doing good? I fear I’ll get lost in this thought if I delve in too deeply now.

So my aspiration is simple (even if its execution, as most new habits, becomes difficult):

  • I will take time out to think particularly about people around me.
  • I will take time out to pray specifically for them, one at a time, from time to time.
  • I will deliberately stop, hop off life’s conveyor track, and make meaningful conversation with people from time to time.

So help me God.

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9 thoughts on “Caring”

  1. I enjoy reading your “Caring.” Caring goes beyond the desire, passion, and compassion. It needs a little “kick” from God to make one get up to put all the feelings in the heart into actions. It takes the motivation, commitment and determination in the mind to drive the action. Sometimes one feels to care, but can’t quite get up to show the care. One almost has to put it on the “to do” list and check it off, everyday? I pray to God to bless me. In your word, give me gifts. Then I asked God to make me a blessing to someone today. In your word, share your gifts. I listened to God’s soft voice and try to sense whom I could help. Yesterday at the gym, a woman who was paralyzed on her left arm, still tried to be independently put on her swimming suit, except she couldn’t zip up in the back. I was right by her and she asked for help. I was gladly, willingly, and readily to help because God presented me the chance of the day. I just returned blogging after two years. My intro page is under construction. But I’ll get it going little by little.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      I agree with you, we need God’s help to turn good intentions into action. God is able to use the ‘little’ things we do for people every day to convey His goodness to them (and we’re blessed for it too and many good ways). Be encouraged to stay tuned to God’s voice as He leads you.

      Do speed up work on your intro page and your blog in general. It will be great to read your thoughts soon. God bless you.

      1. I tried to reply to you last night on a different device, my iPod, after the lights were out. I kept touching the wrong letter, so I decided to wait.
        You’re such an encouragement, both on staying in tuned to God’s voice and on finishing the intro of my blog. I hope to get it done before we go to Spain on vacation in less than two weeks.