Rap from the Past

I found some rap lyrics I wrote sometime back. It was a crowd favourite at the time–rhymes on every line, and a great beat. Even my son likes it 20+ years on!

Thank you. Goodbye. Welcome.

This is my final post on, my old blog. I didn’t publish it here because I felt I’d be plagiarizing myself. Now, I see it enriches both platforms and helps keep an accurate record of history for us–you, dear reader and I. Dear friend, I want to thank you for taking the time …

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On Perfection

The lines must be straight. The book, phone, and laptop aligned symmetrically on the desk before you. All must be perfect. There must be no mistake, no error in the essay or post. Any error is a shame, and perfection must be preserved. If your fly’s open, that’s trouble but a man must carry on. Perfection …

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Musical expression

The forms of musical expression in any given culture often reflect the reigning assumptions in that culture about reality generally and the human condition specifically. -Ken Myers There’s a lot to think about if you consider the¬†Nigerian music expression against this thought. It reminds me of how people can determine a family’s standard of living …

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noah’s ark

Noah’s Ark…Reviving the Artist within.