About Me

Hello, I’m Wumi Olatunji.

Thanks for visiting my blog! It’s a journal of ideas and learnings about work, relationships, art, and life. I used to publish this blog on WordPress.com as Life and Luz.

Some quick info about me:

  • I’ve worked as an IT professional for over 15 years.
  • I have a biochemistry degree.
  • I used to be in two or three choirs, and rap and music groups.
  • My two attempts at dancing, first as an instructor, and later as a participant, both ended up disasters.
  • My first job out of school was as a restaurant manager; the second, as a teacher (during national youth service); the third, as a sales assistant.
  • I once quit a job four hours after showing up at the office because no one received me.
  • I attended two primary schools, two secondary schools, and two universities.
  • I completed a book draft on study skills for students during national youth service but lost the draft when the computer crashed.
  • I used to write and edit commercially but I’m currently on an extended break to focus on my own work.

My other websites:

Career Prep NG (formerly The Career Guide Project): My attempt at floating a career resource platform for young people. It’s in its 3rd or 4th iteration, I think. Hopefully, I can get it to become really valuable at some point.

Web Devices NG: My web design gig.

WD Art: Check out art from my online store. I do art around cultural Naija themes.

I hope you find your time here worthwhile. Please read and feel free to message me with your ideas and comments. Thanks again for stopping by!


Wumi Olatunji


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